Marriages Today Face Great Challenges

What is a married couple to do?  It would seem that the very fabric of their relationship is becoming frayed.  Look at everything that is tearing away at them.....

Money - There is never enough of it.  It is getting harder and harder to make the bills.
Time - The time demands faced by families are greater than ever
Children - Kids today face a world of dangers unknown in previous generations
Caring for parents - This is the first generation that has had to take on this responsibility
Intimacy - All the above makes it hard to keep the flames of romance burning
In-Laws - While the in-laws can be a blessing, sometime relationship problems arise

All of these, and perhaps more, negatively impact marriages today. Let us be an encouragement. 

When it comes to time and money, we invite you to check out the Life Organizer System.

If you are in trouble with debt, please visit God and Debt for a lot of free information

Check out these "Seven Steps To Revive The Spark In Your Marriage"

Here is a great list of available marriage resources

Want to know more about home schooling your kids?  Here is some free information!

More information is on the way, but the links above should be a great start!

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