Dr. Chris Grimbilas has over 20 years of preaching and teaching experience.  He has a heart for helping pastors and churches.  His solid business background puts him is a unique position to help families and churches become debt free and meet their financial goals.

Chris and Michelle Grimbilas have a loving marriage relationship that has spanned nearly three decades. They have raised five children who are sold out for the cause of Christ and surrendered to serve the Lord. 

These two factors have led Bro. & Mrs. Grimbilas to offer help to churches in these two unique areas.

Would you consider hosting....

A two day Debt Freedom Conference to help those good people who have been overcome by debt

A two day Living in Financial Liberty Conference to show folks they can live without credit, do more, and give more to the Lord

A two day Liberating the Fire in Your Marriage Conference to help couple reconnect and rediscover what brought them together

A two day Fortify the Family Conference to help families reinforce the ties that bind them

A two day Liberty From Debt Training Seminar by Dr. Grimbilas to train folks in area churches as debt counselors.

If you are interested in having a conference in your church or have questions regarding finances or marriage , please click here to email Bro. Grimbilas

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