About Dr. Chris and Michelle Grimbilas

Dr. Chris Grimbilas accepted Christ at the age of 26 in 1986. By 1989, He, his wife Michelle, and their (at the time) two children. set off for Bible college. Upon graduation, he joined the staff of a large church in Kansas City and then went on to work with two churches in their formative stages, striving to win souls and get these church plants up and running. In northern Maine, Dr. Grimbilas helped another church that had a very nice facility, but a mortgage payment and few people. He insituted an agressive outreach and saw people accept Christ and the church increase in number. Later, he helped train young people for the ministry as a professor at International Bible College in Stony Brook, New York. Today, Chris Grimbilas pastors the exciting Faith Way Baptist Church in Jay, Maine. This is his fourth church startup / revitlaization project.

His degree in Missions theology from Bible college was the second trip to college for Chris Grimbilas. After high school, he attended RIder University in Lawrenceville, NJ, where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, majoring in both Computer Science and Statistics, which included an array of finance and accounting classes. Always ambitious to learn more, after Bible college, he went on to earn his Master's degree in theology with an emphasis on family counseling and later his Doctorate in theology.

Working with young churches just getting underway often means pastoring without a salary. This meant Chris was working other jobs and struggling to stay in touch with his wife and children - a situation many folks find themselves in today. These jobs often involved working with computers and dealing with finances. Over the years, jobs have included time doing web design, database management, network administration, serving as a financial manager, a debt collector, and a litigation case coordinator. His broad experience has given him a unique insight and positioned him to help families and churches overcome the challenges they face in these difficult social and economic times.

Michelle Grimbilas was saved at the age of nine. God actually prepared her heart for the ministry before God let Chris in on His plans. She, too, attended Bible college, ultimately earning her Bachelor's degree in Religious Education. Through the years, she has taught every grade level. For a time, she home schooled the Grimbilas children. She also taught various grade levels in Christian schools. Michelle also served on the faculty at International Bible College, teaching classes in the Education Department. Today, she works in the local public school system while working toward a specialized degree in teaching those with learning disabiliites. Mrs. Grimbilas has served as a speaker at ladies meetings and education conferences in different states. She has also been sought out as a ladies counsleor.

Mrs. Grimbilas serves alongside her husband at Faith Way Baptist Church in Jay. She works in the children's ministry, the transportation ministry, the music ministry, and leads the ladies ministry. Michelle also serves with her husband in the BLISS Marriage Ministry of the church. She is an excellent soul winner and has a wonderful, God given talent for being able to get to the heart of issues quickly. Over the years, she has stood by Chris as he put in the long hours to get young churches up and running, sharing both the blessings and the heartaches while helping to overcome the challenges they faced. This has given her a heart for the home and especially for the wives of pastors.

Chris and Michelle have been married for over 25 years. They have five children, all of whom are actively involved in the ministry. Their desire is two fold. First they desire to see the blessings of God poured out upon Faith Way Baptist Church. They want to see souls saved and added unto the church. Second, they want to be a blessing to other families and other churches, especially in the areas of family, marriage and finance. God has used their unique exeriences to well prepare them to be a blessing in these areas.

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